Bald Can Be Beautiful but Not On Me

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How do you feel about a bald head? Myself, on some men I find it rather sexy. The bald look on a woman can be beautiful and outright stunning. Just look at Persis Khambatta as Lt. Ilia in Star Trek The Motion Picture. When I see her I don’t see bald, I saw big beautiful eyes.

As I get older I’m finding out I inherited too much from my mom’s side of the family and very little from my dad’s. From my dad I got my hair and eye coloring. From my mom I got my height, weight, health problems and baby fine hair. One thing she had that I hope I don’t carry on is thin or thinning hair. It’s one thing for my brother to start going bald at 18 since it was more acceptable and actually looked good as he got older. I’m not saying my mom was bald but when she’d wash her hair you could literally see her scalp. According to her though her hair was always like that.

I’ve had hair stylists tell me I have a lot of hair but it’s baby fine, now I find my hair lacks the little body it had when I was younger. In high school I could blow dry my hair and it actually looked thicker, I could use hot rollers and the curl would last all day. Now I use hot rollers, a curling iron or velcro rollers I leave in for hours and it might look great, for 10 minutes, then it’s flat, straight and just plan horrible. To top it off I have a high forehead (OK, too high for my liking) and cowlick in the middle of my forehead so bangs are out.

When I was in my early 20’s I read that Biotin is good for taming a cowlick so I started taking it. Didn’t do a thing for the cowlick but I really didn’t take it regularly. I do take it daily now and it didn’t do much for my hair but my nails are a bit stronger. I don’t use a conditioner too much because that just makes my hair flatter than it normally is.

A few years ago I was reading an article on ways to prevent hair loss in women and it talked about shampoo ingredients. Most shampoos contain Laurel Sulfate which is a detergent and contributes to hair breakage and falling out. The reason this ingredient is used in shampoos is because it’s so cheap. I reading ingredients and found a shampoo that’s Laurel Sulfate free and I do notice less hair in my comb after shampooing. .

One thing my mom used which she said helped not only her hair but also her nails is gelatin. She’d buy Knox Gelatin to mix in water and drink. Later she found gelatin capsules and she’d take them every day. Maybe the fact that she said her hair never got any thinner is proof that the gelatin did work. It makes sense when you think about it. Gelatin is a collagen and made up of protein.

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