All Thoughts of Spring Lead to Flowers, New Clothes, Shoes, Purses and……….

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With Daylight Savings Time here that means spring is just around the corner.  If you’re like me when I think of spring I think of flowers, bright colors, pastels, warmer weather and these all make me think of a new wardrobe in those colors which in turn brings me to Easter which brings me back to flowers.   Yeah, my mind does often go in circles like that and it drives Don crazy.

I bet we all have our favorite flowers and for some it’s roses, other’s it’s chrysanthemums and other’s it might be mums but when I think of spring and Easter my brain again goes in circles so I’ll go to Easter Lily’s, tulips, daffodils, and back to Easter which makes me think of spring colors, new clothes and then there’s new shoes.

I’ve mentioned before that I use to buy myself flowers every once in a while when I was single, except my mom always told everyone I bought them for her.  Usually I’d buy myself a bouquet of flowers form the local grocery that had a variety of flowers but one I’ve never bought myself were tulips.  So tonight I was looking at flowers, especially tulips at and saw this cute arrangement.


I wonder why my thoughts have once again turned to Easter, and new clothes and new shoes, oh, I’ll of course need a new purse to match the shoes.

I see where this is heading already and it’s turning into an expensive thought process.


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