Abreva: The Best Defense Against Cold Sores

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Remember being in high school, getting ready for that big date and finding the huge pimple between your eyes or suddenly getting a cold sore?   I honestly don’t know which is worse, a pimple as big as Texas sticking out for all the world to see or a cold sore that covers up your lip and makes it so you probably won’t get that kiss you’ve been dreaming of.

Cold sores have a way of disrupting your life and are often painful reminders that you’re human.  Some people get a cold sore when they’re getting sick or just getting over being sick and some just get them at the drop of a hat for no reason at all except they are “prone” to them.  When I get a cold sore it’s usually in the corner of my mouth and even though it’s not visible it hurts like the dickens.  I have a cousin that use to get full blown sores when she was younger.

She’d get cold sores all the time and even though stress was often a catalyst there were times they’d just be there.  I remember one summer in particular when she was around 11 (I was in my 30’s) and the two of us were driving from Chicago to Florida.  Her face was getting red from her bottom lip all the way down her chin.  I just thought she was licking her lips a lot but the next day the sores started and I knew we were in trouble.  I pulled off the highway and found a drug store in a little town and saw Abreva.  This was right after it came on the market and I thought it was rather expensive (well, more expensive than a tube of lip balm) but I didn’t want her vacation ruined so I purchased it.  She followed the directions and I can honestly say I saw visible improvement the next morning and there was continued improvement throughout the day that the sore was almost completely gone within 3 days of the first blister.


Abreva is my number one friend when a cold sore strikes and what makes it even better, I can wear makeup over it so I’m not feeling totally naked.

Even though my cold sores usually start when I’m getting a cold there are other times the virus can “wake up” and start attacking you.  As I mentioned earlier, stress is a huge trigger but so can fatigue.  They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing you know.  Then of course there’s the elements such as cold weather, winter wind, dry air and even UV rays like from the sun.  Trauma and dental work can trigger an outbreak.  I know after I’ve been to the Flagstaff dentist I get that annoying crack and stinging in the corner of my mouth and usually attribute it to keeping my mouth open wider and longer than humanly possible but now realize it’s probably a cold sore.  A cold sore usually sticks around for a couple of weeks and goes through several stages from the first “tingle” to redness, a blister and then the scabs and sores but I’ve learned that treating them promptly and with the right medication they can be gone in less than half that time.

Yeah, Abreva is a vital component in keeping my smile looking perfect and my lips kissable.




“Disclaimer: I am participating in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Abreva, and received free product and compensation in return for my participation.”


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