About Me

Dee LandryWhile my family was from Iowa I was the only one born and raised in Chicago.  Every year we’d go to Iowa to visit family and friends and I never wanted to leave, I loved the small town feel, going to the store and having everyone smile and talk to you and sitting on the front porch with homemade ice cream.  It was heaven to me.   Growing up I loved The Andy Griffith show and dreamed of one day living in Mayberry.  In 2003 my dream came true when Don and I moved from Chicago to a small city in Southeast Alabama and in 2008 we bought our home in a small town in Southeast Alabama.

With the move to a small town with jobs in heath care being scarce I had to find something else to occupy my time so I started writing and found out I love it.  After several blogs on different topics I finally found my home here at Dee Says and the rest shall we say is history.

Dee Says started out as What’s That Buzz which was meant to be all reviews and giveaways but that got boring because I wanted to talk about my favorite subject which is my puppies then my second favorite topic is ME.  Yeah, I’ll talk about my successes in the kitchen or my klutziness tripping over the vacuum cleaner cord and breaking my foot in 4 places.  I’ll talk a little about my loving husband Don who is private and doesn’t like me talking about him too much.  I’ll even talk about my granddaughter who shall be known as JD or Diva.

You may find some ads on here or posts that are written as ads because, well, I gotta make some money to be able to continue write all the stuff that I hope you enjoy.

I have worked with some companies that you might recognize such as Hoover, Jessica London, Epson, Novica, PetSmart and Richell USA.  I’m hoping to work with a lot more companies but the one I’d like in particular is Sleep Number or TempurPedic but I know those are just dreams of mine.

I hope you like what you see here and will come back and visit again and again and if you have something you’d like to say you can leave a comment on any post or send me an email at dee@deesays.com.

If you’re a company or PR rep looking to get your product featured here you can shoot me an email at dee@deesays.com.

Dee Landry