ABC to Learn Not to Mess With Daytime Soap Fans

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After ABC announced it would be canceling All My Children and One Life to Live fans understandably became outraged. Since the producers, writers and networks rarely listen to the fans or even care what they want the fans decided to go to the people that the network bigwigs will listen to. Their pocketbooks in the form of their sponsors.

After fans inundated Hoover with messages that they will stage a boycot if they continued to advertise on ABC Hoover announced that they will be pulling their ads. The fans will next focus their attention on Hershey and Excedrin. Hopefully they’ll follow in Hoover’s footsteps and force ABC to take their fans seriously.

Even though I’m not a fan of either of those soaps I was saddened to hear of their cancellation as that would mean my beloved Days of Our Lives might not be too far behind. As the only remaining soap on NBC I’ve been a little nervous for a while now. The writing on Days has gone down hill and the fans are always complaining about the storylines and inconsistencies. They’re outraged that they rewrite history and feel that’s a slap in the face to the loyal fans who have been with the show since the beginning. They’re saddened by the loss of their beloved characters due to budget cuts yet they bring in new characters with no back story, no relationship to the show at all and expect us to embrace them with open arms.

I’m on forums where the members could write better storylines than the current writers on Days has done in the last, oh, decade or so. Maybe if we the fans took our concerns and complaints to the sponsors we might be able to get better storylines, characters and dialogue. Maybe they’ll even be able to bring back John and Marlena, Shawn and Belle. They’ll stop having women portrayed as weak and unable to live without a man in their lives and they’ll stop having sci-fi storylines that involve microchips implanted in brains and teeth that will alter a person’s personality or erase their memory. They’ll stop with the cloning and dopleganers and the constant musical partners and unexpected pregnancies after a one night stand. They’ll go back to the family dynamic that made the show popular and let them face the trials and tribulations.

I’d be accepting of them going back to a 30 minute format if that would bring better storylines. Even with the terrible writing, repetitive storylines and musical characters I continue to watch or record my beloved Days of Our Lives to get a glimpse of the Horton, Brady, DiMera and Kiriakas families, even if it is just to roll my eyes and laugh at Victor’s zingers once in a while.  I just wish the Powers That Be at NBC would listen to us once in a while and give us a little of what we long for.

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  1. Setta says:

    I watch All My Children, One Life To Live and All My Children and it is sad to see the day time soaps go. I am sure that the replacement shows will not be more entertaining as there are plenty of these types of shows on now. I think they are aiming for a younger audience. They seem to forget that we Babyboomers are the biggest generation out there AND we aren't dead yet. I for one – can't imagine life without Erica.
    Having grown up with As The World Turns , ( it came on about the time I was born) there was something very comforting about Nancy making bread and talking to grandpa and Chris. It was sad when that went. These people are like people you know after years of watching them!
    I hope the network decides to leave the soaps on for those of us that need our daytime escape into these characters lives we know and love.

  2. Dee says:

    Setta….Well said. Not to mention that us Babyboomers are also at the retirement age so we'll be home more to watch our beloved families and not have to rely on the DVR's and fast forwarding through the commercials. Not that anyone watches those things anyway.

  3. Tammy says:

    I was so sad when I heard AMC was going away. That has been the one I have watched since I was in college! I watch some of the other ones too on ABC but not as frequently! They still have been a part of a lot of households. I still can't believe they are just pulling the plug. I feel sorry for all the actors and actresses who will be without jobs now.

  4. Not a daytime fan but love when people come together to get action!!!

  5. Jayne says:


    WHAT ABOUT PICKETING ABC? Don't let people forget this is going on. It can be stopped, it hasn't happened yet.