A Secret in Salem – Book Review

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I don’t watch many soap operas. Actually there’s only one I watch, Days of Our Lives which I started watching when I was very very young. I mean I was watching when Scotty Banning was a baby and Julie was fighting Susan for custody. Mickey and Laura were happy and the only ones that knew Bill was Mike’s real father were Laura and Tom. This was before Doug and Julie were together and before Bo and Hope or anyone even heard of the Brady’s. Yeah, a lot of history with me and the residents of Salem so when I heard there was a book coming out, written by Sheri Anderson, who use to be a writer on my favorite soap. The woman who created Bo & Hope, John & Marlena, Patch & Kayla, Shane and Kimberly and Tony & Anna, all the super couples of daytime I just knew I had to get my hands on that book.

A Secret in Salem takes us to Geneva to visit with John and Marlena and to Monte Carlo where we spend time with Shawn, Belle and Claire, who’s almost 4. While in Monte Carlo we also get to spend time with Chelsea and Abby and visit briefly with Jack and Jennifer in London.

Most of the story takes place in Monte Carlo where we’re introduced to Charley (Charlotte) Gaines who crosses paths first with Shawn and Chelsea then with the rest of the characters. After a tragedy Charley learns some hidden truths about her family and herself and this leads her on a quest to find the answers, answers that those she’s recently met can help her find.

If you’re looking for a book that follows the day to day lives of your favorite couples and residents of Salem then you’ll be in for a bit of a let down. This explores the lives of those who have left Salem and brings you up to date on what’s been going on in their lives. There is a lot of detail to fashion and surroundings but to me this brings the entire scene into focus in my head. I feel I can actually see Shawn and Belle sitting on the bow of the Fancy Face IV, you can see inside the massive estate or castle that John and Marlena call home, complete with furnishings.

This story has John and Marlena where we left them in Salem after John regained his memories but was paralyzed from that injection he got from that whacky psychiatrist who was trying to kill Marlena. Shawn, Belle and Claire are still on their wild trip sailing around the world while Jack and Jennifer are working at the London office of the Spectator.

You get some closure to a few of the stories that were left hanging a few years ago on Days of Our Lives and some new ones are opened up which will hopefully be explored further in the next two books in the Trilogy; A Stirring in Salem due for release in February 2011 and A Scandal in Salem scheduled for release in May 2011.

What would be the best though is for those in charge of Days of Our Lives to bring some of this book into the show and bring back the characters we love as well as some of the new ones we’ve gotten to know through A Secret in Salem

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    I am a MAJOR Days fan. I started watching when I was a wee lass!

    Will have to check these out!

  2. clenna says:

    I love Days – I too only watch that soap. I haven't watched as long as you but I have watched for over 40 years.