5 Car Toys Perfect For the Grandkids

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The best thing about being a grandparent is that you get to spoil them rotten and don’t have to worry about the consequences! If you’ve got a birthday coming up and are looking for the perfect present for your favorite tot, PassSmart’s resident blogger, Izzy, is here to share some ideas. Car toys aren’t just for boys, and in this top 5 we’ll be looking at presents to suit both little boys and girls.

Remote controlled

Remote controlled cars are great, affordable options for car loving kids, and they come in all styles and varieties, from pink convertibles to speedy supercars. They’re bound to love watching it zoom around the living room, but we’re not sure you will, so make sure they play with it in the garden instead!

For Lego lovers

If your grandkids love Lego, it’ll be easy to find them the perfect car toy! Add to their set with some Lego cars, and they’ll be able to watch their Lego city grow. The best thing about buying Lego is that you can be part of building their collection, and you get to watch their faces light up every time they get a new piece.

Ride on cars

The creme de la creme of car toys, ride on cars allow the little ones to get their very first taste of driving before they’re even out of their booster seat! These are at the pricier end of car toys on the market, but they come in models to suit every little racer. Whether they want a Ferrari or a pink convertible Mini, you’re sure to be able to find the perfect ride on car for them.

You can buy battery powered or pedaled options, so if you want to make sure they keep active, the latter might be the best option!


Whether trunks, cars or bikes are their thing, there’ll be a collectors set out there. A collectible model car is the perfect gift because you could find yourself kickstartstating a hobby. Each birthday you can help them add to the collection, which certainly makes choosing presents a lot easier.

If they don’t quite take to the whole collecting thing, at least they’ll have a brand new and shiny model car to play with!

Computer wheel

For the older grandkids, a steering wheel for the computer could be a very popular choice. If they love everything about racing, they’re bound to love racing computer games, and their very own wheel will complete the experience.

Plug-in computer steering wheels are affordable and available to buy for competitive prices online.

There are so many great options when it comes to car toys for kids, and you might find that you’re spoilt for choice. Watch out though, because they’ll be asking you to buy them a real car before you know it!

This guest content was provided by PassSmart.com. PassSmart are a UK-based company who help learner drivers find their perfect instructor.


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