Are Ugly Holiday Sweaters Back This Year? #hilariousholiday

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I remember several years ago when Ugly Holiday Sweaters were all the rage for the Christmas Holidays.  I mean those ugly sweaters with snowmen or reindeer all over them.  You know the ones I mean, you might see Mike Brady wearing one on an old rerun of The Brady Bunch or in some of those Christmas movies that are shown around the holidays.

Ugly Holiday SweaterI remember one year I thought I was going to be one of the cool people and wear THE PERFECT Christmas shirt, one that I made myself.  It had an applique Christmas tree with real lights.  These were battery powered lights and once you flicked the switch the entire tree lit up.  Yeah, I know, cool, with the exception of the little battery pack that scratched and irritated my stomach.   You see I forgot to sew a little pouch to put the thing in so it was constantly rubbing and jabbing me.  Then there’s the fact that I was the only person at the party with a shirt that lit up.  What I thought was cool was actually embarrassing and I wanted to crawl under the table for the rest of the evening.

Target says they’re back with Ugly Sweaters for men but when I went to my local Target I didn’t find too much that was ugly.  Maybe not my taste but not those ugly, embarrassing,  kitchy or any other adjectives you can think of.

Here’s a few of the more tacky sweaters I found but as I said they’re not as bad as yesteryear, not saying a Target by you might not have something more, how should I put this, ugly.

Ugly Sweater Montage

Do you have any stories of #hilariousholiday, ugly sweater experiences you’d like to share?

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  1. I’ve seen a few ugly sweaters in my time , enough to make you wonder what was the person thinking when they put it on. The ones you found don’t seem too ugly though. So are you saying the ugly sweaters are making a comeback? Or did it ever leave lol.

    • From what I’ve been hearing they’ve never left but were never called Ugly Sweaters before. I even watched a movie the other night on The Hallmark Channel and a woman said she’d gotten ugly sweaters from her husband every year and her friend was having an ugly sweater party.

  2. Over here everyone seems to be buying ugly sweaters and festive sweaters for Christmas… the photo albums are going to be hilarious to look back on in years to come :)

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