How I Cut the Cable and Save Money

  Don was disgusted with our Direct TV bill and the fact that we were paying over $165 and there wasn’t much on. For the past 2 years we said we were going to cut the cable and get an outside antenna just to be done with it but something always stopped us, I think it was fear.  After Don died and I realized that my income was going to be cut almost in half I had to do something and {Read More}

Grace of God – Family Movie Review

    While I received a copy of Grace of God to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own Here it is, another family movie that I really enjoyed. Grace of God, staring John Ratzenberger (“Cheers,” WALL-E, Toy Story); Erin Bethea (Fireproof, Letters to God); Lorenzo Lamas (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Falcon Crest”) When money is stolen from the church Detective Bill Broadly ex cop turned private investigator is called in to investigate. Bill lost is faith many {Read More}

Let Cross Pens Make Your Long Story Short #WriteGift

I was approached by Cross Pens to be part of their “Long Story Short” campaign and had the perfect story to share.  In exchange for telling my story I received a Cross Pen with an engraving highlighting my story In 1994 I was felt I was missing something in my life.  I had friends that went to church and talked about bible studies and they seemed so happy and I wanted whatever it was that they had.  Now, I was raised {Read More}

Daily Goodie Box Review

Like most people I love surprises, especially good ones so when I was asked if I’d review a Goodie Box I had to say yes.  You’re probably asking “What is a Goodie Box?” and I’d have to quote what they say on their website. We are going to send you free Goodie Boxes that are not only 100% free, but we’ll also cover the shipping costs too! We will never ask you for a credit card or any type of {Read More}

How to Save Money on Entertainment

 This is a guest post There are plenty of ways that you can cut back when it comes to reconfiguring your budget. But once you have saved on clothes, groceries and all other areas of your life, perhaps it might be time to look at how you are spending your “fun money”. Entertainment is a universal word for all of the fun things that aren’t necessities in your life, and you should look at a few of these tips that {Read More}