Reminders of Don All Around

Today is 4 months since Don died and even though I look like I’m doing OK, I had a melt down last night. Changing anything in the house, especially if it was something he was involved in or a way he wanted I feel like I’m moving him farther out of our house and my life.  It’s hard to come home to an empty house or wake up in the morning to an empty bed.  It’s hard to go into the closet {Read More}

I Became a Widow

Seventeen days ago I started a the worst phase of my life, I became a widow.  My how I hate that word.  It’s a label no woman wants and one I don’t carry proudly except it does mean that the love of my life was here and is now gone.  I guess in a way it honors my husband and lets people know that I’m a survivor. It all started a little over a year ago with Don’s cancer diagnosis.  {Read More}

Redemption Codes and Deals on eBay- $100 Gift Card Giveaway

I never was one to hunt down sales or even look for redemption codes and deals. Yeah, I might have cut them out with the intention of using them but never took them to the store. Now that I’m older and thinking harder about where my money’s going I’m always looking for ways to save. I go for the buy one get one free items at the drug store, I look for cheaper alternatives to every day products and I’m {Read More}

Pepperoni Bread

Every year around the holidays I make Pepperoni Bread at least once. I really don’t know how it became a holiday dish since it’s so easy to make and good any time but that’s the way it is. This year is no exception, we’re hosting Christmas at our house and I’m again making my Pepperoni Bread as an appetizer.      Print Pepperoni Bread Author: Dee Recipe type: Appetizer   Easy to make with the great flavor of pepperoni, oregano and cheese. Great {Read More}

How to Save Shipping Costs While Shopping Online Plus a $200 Target Gift Card Giveaway

This contest is being run with the support of Don’s from Kansas City and I’m from Chicago which makes for very interesting football or baseball viewing around here. You see, Don’s a very huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and while I don’t follow football that closely I have to give him some competition and root for the Chicago Bears. So, a few years ago Don wanted a Kansas City Chief’s hat and that’s something you just can’t find in {Read More}